How to Green Up Halloween

Halloween traditions can generate some serious waste. All that candy generates one serious bellyache—and lot of plastic trash from leftover wrappers. This year, why not swap one of them for something a little more eco-friendly, like making your own decorations or mixing up some homemade face paint? Here are some ways to green your Halloween without giving up any of the fun.

Use reusable bags instead of plastic, or better yet, get old totes and let the children decorate them with markers and paints.

Instead of purchasing costumes that will be worn once and thrown away, make costumes from old clothes and things around the house. Once worn, donate the costumes or create an “imagination box” for children to play dress up.

Also consider doing a costume swap to cut back on waste and reduce the resources used for making, packaging, and transporting new costumes. Hosting a swap is easy, fun, and saves money. National Costume Swap day is officially the second Saturday of October, but the idea is easy enough no matter which day you pick. You can swap with a few family members and friends, or, better yet, hold a community swap!

When it comes to getting your kids ready as little ghouls and goblins on Halloween, avoid the store bought face paint loaded with chemicals and either make or purchase healthier face paints.

Buy pumpkins, gourds and fall flora from farmer’s markets to decorate for the season. Compost them when no longer needed. Don’t forget about the seeds though. They are delicious when roasted to simply eat plain or toss on a fall salad. You can also use the seeds to start your own patch for next fall.

Give eco-friendly treats or handmade goodies to neighborhood visitors. or, consider giving non-candy items such as crayons.

For party hosts, use real plates and silverware instead of paper or plastic products and decorate with homemade items. You can even serve food grown locally.

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