How to Clean Rain Gutters

How to Clean Rain Gutters

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year – more often if you have a lot of overhead trees or if you live in a rainy climate. If you have a single-story home distanced from power lines and you can safely work on the ladder or roof, then you may be able to clean your gutters yourself. Avoid windy, wet or icy weather and wear rubber-soled, non-slip shoes and safety gloves.

Place a sturdy ladder on a solid, level base against the house. If you are working from the ladder (your roof has too steep a pitch) then do not go higher than the third rung and do not lean. You may need to climb down and move the ladder numerous times.

Starting at the drain, use a garden trowel or small scoop to remove the debris, working away from the drain. You can push it over the roof edge to be collected later or into a garbage bag placed on the roof itself. Don’t just push it back on the roof as it will wash back into the gutter with the next rain. Continue until debris is removed.

Using a garden house and pressure nozzle, start at the non-drain end of the gutter and flush it toward the gutter. You may need to use a scrub brush to remove caked-n dirt. Be careful not to spray it too hard or you’ll cover your hose in mud.

If you have noticed the water not draining properly through the drainpipes headed to the ground, use the hose to try to flush debris down and out. If that does not work, use a plumber’s auger to loosen and then remove it from the bottom.

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